![[pikachu.png|500]] Most of the blog is written in unbearable Spanglish. ## …me Hi! I'm Mario López, [[✍️ Acho. Qué has estado haciendo estos últimos tres años. (2015)|PhD in Telecom]] -> software engineer @ Data. Currently [[Working in Data|Head of Data]] [[My engineering management principles, values, and practices|"this way"]], in [[Freepik]], proud ex-[[Mercadona Tech]], ex-[[Unlimiteck]]. A better professional introduction is at my [[CV - Mario López Martínez|CV]]. I'm from Cartagena, and I'm interested in: [[✍️ Sin machirulos hay paraiso. Una charla heterofriendly sobre management|🏳️‍🌈 men]], [[🦜 No matter how it looks at first, it's always a people problem]] and other [[Human affairs]], [[Writing is thinking]], no-slot-machine videogames, USA competition [[📖 True Story. What Reality TV Says About Us|reality shows]] , and [[Fitness|bulking up]] to the point of being a certified PT. These may change (except unfortunately being from Cartagena). But the best way to know what I'm interested in is checking the [[Second brain stats]] and... ![[Latest own posts]] ![[Latest summarized books]] You can **subscribe** on [Dr. Mario's patchwork | Substack](https://drmario.substack.com/) for notifications on new content. ## …this Welcome to my the public side of my second brain (as long as I don't mess up and end up publishing my private stuff): a collection of notes on what this random person is thinking. My "original" stuff is tagged as: - #✍️OwnPosts - #📝CuratedNotes I summarize and comment: - #📚Books , sorted on my [[📚 Digital library]]. Those with a deeper analysis are tagged as #✒️SummarizedBooks - #📜Papers - #🗞️Articles - #🗣️Talks - #🦜FavoriteQuotes You may also peek my "raw highlights" from #🗞️Articles , #📚Books and #🎙️Podcasts (an manually, #🎬Movies , #📺TVShows, #🎮Videogames ). You may find non-existing links, such as [[⛵ Life vision, mission, and values]] in [[⏳ My second brain management. Workflows and funflows]]: ![[Pasted image 20230507145330.png]] Almost always it will mean that I didn't want to publish that note yet, but if there is any of those you are particularly interested in, let me know (perv!). ![[Contact me]]